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. we are live in oakland, it is an intense house search, we will tell you what they were looking for and how they were called in. and the former archbishop is headed to the vatican, we will tell you more about how he will choose the next host. another storm, how strong and high winds are affecting the west coast, the bad weather is not over yet, it's all ahead
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on the morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this tuesday morning, february 26th, i am pam cook. >> boy, looking at the picture there, quite a difference there. >> steve, i guess we are counting our lucky stars. >> in amarillo blizzard conditions they are dealing with all sorts of conditions and we are dealing with tranquil conditions and if you like this weather you will like the extended outlook, here is sal. we have a crash on the shoulder and if you are there you might see some activity but this is a look at highway 24 which looks nice and as you drive through the caldecott
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tunnel that has been nice and let's talk about the commute into san francisco 101 is at the speed limit, let's go back to the desk. we begin with breaking news an intense situation with the -- intense situation with the fbi, they are questioning more than a dozen possible suspects after a marathon standoff, here is -- tara moriarty joins us from headquarters. >> reporter: they definitely have their hands full and this is the next step after an intense search which lasted through the night in oakland. chp helicopter and the bomb squad helped at a home at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. officers were serving a search warrant while investigating two
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rival gangs for dealing with several homicides and we spoke to a woman whose son was being questioned. >> i am pretty pissed and mad as hell. it's just not cool the way they do this. >> they questioned three people last night and items were removed from the home and they are remaining tight-lipped about the investigation. we contacted jordan and we have an ongoing investigation where they will try to find out more about this for you this morning. well, this morning the coast guard is actively searching at sea for a missing family of four. >> that is the distress call that they got, that came from a boat believed to be called the charm glow. they believe the four-year-old son and his young cousin were in a sailboat which took on
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water on sunday. the family and the boat has not been identified but the coast guard does not think this is a hoax. >> we think they are in actual distress. >> right now three caughters are in the waters and the search is expanding to hawaii seattle and canada. time now 431 , mayor ed lee will help to open a new cruise ship. it will be at the america's headquarters starting next month. they will eventually include a village to dock early next year. the ribbon cutting ceremony is set early next year. here they are avoiding the spending cuts.
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they are worried about potential cuts to the military funding and schools. currently right now the white house has estimated it will take a $70 million cut. >> they want a package of targeted cuts and tax increases but republicans say the tax cuts should come from spending alone. automatic cuts should come from furlough inspectors and that should come from bay airports. they can easily deliver and will likely divert to ports in can't do. it -- canada. it means they could also cause delays at the major airports. local air traffic control
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towers include livermore, concord and salinas. there will be delays up to 90 minutes at airports such as san francisco international. president barack obama meets with two top senators to discuss the immigration laws. he will sit down with john mccain and lindsay graham. they are part of the gang of 8 working on immigration reform. the snowstorm that slammed -- time now 4:34 we want to go to sal with a first look at traffic, sal? good morning to you, we are doing well in many areas out there. just pardon me, we are looking apt the traffic which is moving along well and we had an earlier accident at panola road
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and traffic looks good but they are clearing up the roadwork and you can insert your own truck work there. this is a look at 280 as you get to highway 17 and that traffic is moving along very well. let's go to steve. well, our pattern is not changing. our weak system is continuing march into the pacific northwest where they move into monster systems. it is an amazing amount of snow from the texas panhandle up towards kansas, i will show you in a second. 30s and 40s, not as cold as yesterday, 47 in san francisco, north wind, little bit of a north wind and it will hold temperatures in concord san jose, all much colder, 41.
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somewhat of a north offshore breeze, there is that 10 miles per hour to the north at santa rosa, they had enough of a breeze in some of the higher elevations and look at the snow on the backside of that, it turns to a cold rain and severe weather all the way to north carolina so it is a whopper. some of the higher he will evacuations, nothing outrageous but it will be warmer today with that north wind, even out towards brentwood, gilroy 66 pleasanton 65 and it is going ting a sunny and mild warm day. the snowstorm that slammed texas and the mid-plains is moving to the upper midwest. >> we declared a state of emergency for kansas city
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council missouri, we tried to -- kansas city missouri. >> reporter: the blizzard brought -- blizzard brought hurricane force winds and trapped drivers on the highway for more than nine hours. kansas suffered two feet of snow overnight. airlines have canceled 1,400 flights. it will hit to the upper midwest and bring snow to buffalo and northern new england. a new report shows we could be in trouble when it comes to the state's water supply. we will look at the numbers when it comes to the needs of the state's farming community. he leaves for the vatican to choose the next pope. he will be replacing pope benedict xvi who officially steps down on thursday.
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the cardinal is talking about some of the qualities he is looking for in the next pope. >> it is help foul have a lynn gift particular -- linquist particularrability. to have knowledge of other languages is very helpful. >> they want to elect a new hope before holy week and we learned he will continue to wear white. they are celebrating a legal victory that should allow them to stay open at least until may. they will open an appeals court. they were ordered to shut down after the secretary of interior decided not to renew its lease. new this morning, a new national report shows more
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teens are dying in car crashes. the report was done by the highway association. it shows deaths among 16 and 17- year-old drivers are up in the first six months of 2012 but in 17 states, the number of deaths actually saw a slight drop. coming up, a major accomplishment for mars rover could help them see if there is life. we'll see if your pet food is contaminated with salmonella. good morning, we have a nice start to your commute and we will have a look at your forecast coming up.
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. good morning skies are clear, it will be a sunny day,
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a lot more mid-60s now. welcome back, nasa is crediting mars rover and they say curiosity is showing rock dust and they are hoping to analyze the powder in the coming weeks and they are trying to determine if the atmosphere is favorable to sustain life. we are just learning that an attorney is accused of killing three students plans to plead guilty. t.j. lane will plead guilty and his plea comes one day short of the anniversary. investigators say there was a fire an explosion right before the balloon plunged
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right towards the ground. they indicated no americans were on board and they are calling this one of the worst accidents involving that country. a ceremony is planned at noon to honor the six people who died in one of the twin towers and more than 1,000 people were injured. the ceremony is being held at the memorial which honors 2700 people who died at the attack of the world trade center. the family of the missing couple is holding out hope for their return. they have not seen them since january 26th and in a last facebook posting they were going to a foreign country. they saw them in a foreign country well north of the area he this were in.
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>> they got to that destination and witnesses said they saw them their and they wanted to go on a boat trip on the amazon. >> now that is the man's mother and she saw no bank activity and they have made assurances they are doing everything they can to locate the couple. they are scheduled to vote on a proceeding with senator chuck hagel. after being 12 days late, republicans said they would delay their tactics. if heard they would go to leon panetta to stage the massive across the board cuts. they could begin as early as thursday. the legislation is to i am --
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legislation is to improve gun security and it's a push to improve security and ending gun violence after the shooting in newtown connecticut. organizers say the purpose of the event is to have a discussion about the root causes of gun violence and the program starts at noon in the student union. they plan to close the building as a cost cutting measure but the historic building is architecturally significant and should remain open to the public. the rally start right outside city hall. >> we are hoping traffic will be light for you, how is it looking ? >> it is looking good from the
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bridge and there are no problems. last time we showed you there was some roadwork and you can see all the roads are open and cones have been picked up and if you are driving on northbound 280 in san jose, it is also looking good on 101 and 85. skies are clear, we are fog free, nothing but a breeze stirring things up. still 40s in santa rosa due to a north wind and i just heard from adam sharp park i know it is in the 30s around that area and there are some cold readings. there is an easterly breeze, northeasterly breeze in santa rosa an "f" s o has more of a
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westerly breeze. this system by the way is just incredible. amarillo texas 19 inches of snow and that was the third greatest february ever and this is really stacking up and severe weather all the way down to florida. low pressure is staying i like it here and it is going to get stronger. breezy for a few, we are right about where we should be and except for a few high clouds there is not much to say. saturday is march 1st and it will feel spring like but it will be a little cooler. a certain branch dog food will be recalled. they mixed raw and dehydrated food and some people prefer that but in this case a parsley
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supplier had a warning. three brands are being rolled, they are zeal and pride. if you think your pet is sick call your veterinarian. he may have salmonella. they are performing spay and neutering charges for the owners of pit bulls as well as cats, all 90 slots have been filled. the spca chose them because an criesing numbers -- increasing numbers are showing up in shelters. the killing of trayvon martin sparked an outrage across the country and how people are planning on honoring his life... >> it is a place for people to get away from the city life but big changes are on the way.
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we will have more on why it is sparking controversy.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. right now 4:51, people in australia are preparing for the worst as a cyclone is moving towards the coast. people are getting out of the
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area, winds up to 70 miles per hour are already hitting the area. it comes after a fire last night at their facility. firefighters say it was a challenge to get the residents out of the home since many were bedridden or in wheelchairs. all five were treated for smoke inhalation. it has been a year since trayvon martin was shot and killed by zimmerman. he faces second-degree murder charges but maintains he shot the teen in self-defense. he is expected to stand trial in june. people plan to wear hoodies and demand justice for trayvon martin. they will be holding the vigil
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tonight. the baby was found dead in a field near salinas. funeral services are being held at our lady of refuge. her father now facing kidnapping charges in her death is scheduled to appear in court this afternoon. funeral services are also planned for former executive lewis vader. he spent more than three decades with the team and he died at the age of 92. funeral services will be held at the redwood church. let's go out and see what we have with the traffic on northbound 101 and as you drive through, traffic continues to look good approaching the 880 split. also at the bay bridge toll
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plaza, the roadwork has been picked up and on the peninsular 101 and northbound 280 traffic is looking good and the visibility is nice on the san mateo end heading from the east bay let's go to steve. lots of sun this week and getting warmer, next rain may be around march 6th but it does not look that strong to me. things done look that good over the next seven to 10 days and everything will be to the east of us. san francisco will be starting off 56 at noon and that's where it should be this time of year. whatever breaks through absolutely falls apart except
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for high clouds, 30s and 40s and there is enough of a breeze and everything says i am not moving. some of the higher elevations are picking up a north wind at 10 miles per hour and if that continues they will warm up. i eased into this a few pushing but it will not matter. still nice on saturday and cooler on sunday. the forest has a lot of people upset. uc san francisco owns the land and wants to move up to 80,000 nonnative trees. they are hoping to reduce the risk of wildfires and they packed a public hearing to voice their concerns.
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>> it is baffling how they can treat a healthy forest like garbage. >> our eucalyptus trees have a way of multiplying and they are growing too close together. >> if the plan is a proved it would grow early summer and fall. they are looking for a new exchange call center. they are dividing locations between richmond and can't cord. it is one of three opening in california and it will assist people in affordable care programs. several people will be working there. many could be spending a third of their income without major healthcare reform. that is according to a report by health experts working with uc berkeley. the group has come up with a
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list of recommendations, one is adopting models where they budget a certain amount of money for each patient instead of service models. they received the original proclamation from city hall. it honors her award-winning career as a journalist. rita is retiring and we wish her just the best of luck. >> she is amazing. go to my twitter account. i took a picture of rita and an officer's motorcycle. take a peek. involving a battle over immigration, how it is directly tied to immigration and

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